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Retail outlets / Showrooms


Heavy traffic on carpet and upholsteries in retail outlets require effective and quick drying cleaning treatment. Using dry and effective cleaning and sanitizing technology, De Hygienique’s carpet and sofa hygiene treatment will definitely provide the ideal carpet and sofa cleaning solution for your retail outlets. De Hygienique’s dry-cleaning treatments would ensure soft furnishings in your retail outlet are cleaned and refreshed from dirt, odor, stains*, and micro organisms, effectively and thoroughly. As De Hygienique uses dry cleaning technology, your retail outlet will have minimal downtime and can start operating very quickly. Trusted and preferred by leading furniture manufacturers and retailers, you can be assured that De Hygienique’s treatment is effective and will give you the solution that you need. *Effectiveness of stain removal will depend on the type stain and how much the stain has penetrated into the fabric fiber.